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How a Dance Fitness Business Turned Calories Burned Into 752.5 lbs. of Food for Hungry Children

Cincinnati, Ohio- A small dance fitness business, Grind2Fit located in Batavia, Ohio was looking for a way to benefit their community, while also challenging the members of their club back in July, 2018. The owners of Grind2Fit, both Amanda and Scott DeBruler established a 350,000 Calorie Burn Challenge for their members that would also benefit hungry children in the process. Amanda and Scott immediately thought of the non-profit organization La Soupe, which they have partnered with in the past. La Soupe bridges the gap between food waste and hunger by rescuing perishable food, transforming it into delicious and nutritious meals, and sharing with the food insecure and our supporters. Grind2Fit proposed their unique solution to their good friend Suzy DeYoung, who is the chef/owner of La Soupe. Today, Grind2Fit is happy to announce that they not only reached, but exceeded their 350,000 calorie burn goal! The Grind2Fit Community burned 378,449 calories in 30 days at their club and donated 752.5 lbs. of food as a result.

Grind2Fit’s unique solution to raising food donations for La Soupe began on July 16th and ended on August 18th. Grind2Fit’s ultimate goal has always been to help people in and around their community. Grind2Fit wanted to help their member’s burn calories, while also helping translate those calories into food donations for hungry children. Grind2Fit recommended to their members that they donate pounds of food based on how many calories they burned. The owners of Grind2Fit were overjoyed and proud to discover how many pounds of food their club had collected together.

Grind2Fit donated their time to La Soupe on Friday, August 24th. Grind2Fit is excited to find other great non-profit organizations to work with in the future to help benefit more of the community around them.

Grind2Fit was established in 2016 and strives to build a strong community within and around them that offers constant support and motivation to people along their health and wellness journeys.

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1 Comment

PS aka Goofy
PS aka Goofy
Jun 25, 2019

We should do this again! We will blow the roof off of last years calories burned!! So much fun!

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