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5 Things to Know on Your First Visit to Grind2Fit

While most of us know that one person who seem like they can confidently enter in almost any room and make themselves at home most of us can find it a bit nerve racking and intimidating to walk into a place we’ve never been.  Especially if it involves doing something you are unfamiliar with or uncertain of your abilities.  Sometimes that can result in talking yourself out of taking part in something before you ever give yourself a chance to try. At Grind2Fit we know there is a place for you in our community and we don’t want to miss out on your presence before you’ve even had a chance to take a dance step. 

Here are five things to help give you the inside scoop on your first visit.

1.  What is the arrival and check in process? When you first arrive at the big red barn in Batavia the best place for you to enter is through the two double doors at the end of the first barn facing the road beneath the colorful Grind2Fit banner.  Just inside and to your left is a check in counter where you will be greeted by our front desk person, Sam or one of the Instructors.  They can help you get checked in and started and provide you with any information you might need.  The best way to expedite this process is by downloading the MindBody App onto our phone and preregistering before class.  More information about the MindBody App can be found on our website at

However, even if you download the app, be sure to stop by at the desk!  We can help you get checked in on the iPad, answer any questions and, most of all, meet you!  Our front desk also had Grind2Fit merchandise and supplements designed to enhance your workout and refuel your body available for purchase.

Once you are signed in you are all set!  Use the restroom if you need to, place your belongings off to the side on the provided shelves and find a place on the dance floor you are comfortable standing.

You will see the stage in the front of the room where instructors teach and off to the right you will notice a large screen that displays the heart rates of the members of the community currently wearing a heart rate monitor.  This is a special service provided for those that purchase a Grind2Fit community membership.  Details about membership are available at the desk or on our website.

2.  Are there any rules? It is our desire that Grind2Fit be an inviting place for all its participants.  The overall experience and safety of our attendees is our number one priority.  Because of this we do have a few rules in the Barn designed to benefit the overall community. The most important is absolutely no judging!  We are all learning and growing on our journey and develop at different rates.  Grind2Fit should be a positive and encouraging environment where the community can thrive.  We don’t want you to worry that others will be watching you.  All of us remember our first experience at the Barn and even our veterans get it wrong sometimes!  This is a place to focus on yourself and your own health.  Help keep our community strong by giving grace to those around you.

Our second rule is no cell phones on the dance floor.  We understand that life happens and sometimes you don’t get the luxury of unplugging.  If you must check your phone or take a call, please step off to the side and rejoin us as soon as you are able.  If possible, we recommend putting your phone away and giving yourself an hour of freedom from the rest of the world.  We all need time to ourselves! 

In that same vein, our third rule is no videotaping.  There are members of the staff who have permission to video parts of the class for professional reasons.  We highly encourage you to view these videos on social media and share them with your friends.  However, no one really needs that special edition footage of Sydney twerking between songs.  Some things really should be kept for live audiences only. 

Let’s keep the space a place where no one must worry what material might end up on the internet. 

Fourthly, it is important to note that no childcare is provided at our facility.  Children are welcome to attend but must always be supervised.  Small children should remain in the back of the facility near the entrance way.  If your child is dancing with you, we ask that you dance beside them in the back rows to ensure their safety and the safety of others.  There should never be any weaving in and out of the crowd.

Our final rule is simple, just have fun!  We know you won’t get all the moves right away and it will take several visits to get comfortable.  Let yourself enjoy the experience!  We don’t care if you move the wrong way!  Just keep moving.  You will get better and stronger each time.

3. What Intensity Level Can I Expect? One of the most wonderful parts of Grind2Fit community is the variety of experience and fitness levels on our floor at any time.  During the class you will always be provided with both a high impact and low impact modification of the routines.  It is important to remember that low impact does not mean your workout is less productive!  We encourage you to go at your own speed and do what you can while pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to modify a movement to accommodate yourself and meet your needs.  It is also perfectly fine to vary between high and low impact.  Remember this is your workout!  You know your body and what it is capable of better than anyone.  Listen to it and adjust as you need to.  On the same token, if you are a fitness enthusiast you can be sure each class will have options available that are designed to challenge you and make you work hard.  Grind2Fit is designed to meet you and challenge you where you are on your journey and provide you room to grow and become stronger regardless of your starting point.   

4.  What Skill Level Do I Need? We hear it often.  “I’m not a dancer.” Or “I can’t do pushups.”  Everyone starts somewhere.  It is a proven fact at Grind2Fit that if you challenge yourself just a little you will soon find you have more in you than you knew.  Under no circumstances do you need to worry about your ability to dance or maintain a plank.  These are abilities that grow and develop as you put in the work and follow the instructors.  While at the Barn we all look like Beyoncé, dance like Bruno Mars and sing like Aretha Franklin and we dare you to say otherwise!  We want you to have fun!  The moves are designed to be easy to follow yet challenging enough to keep it exciting and engaging.  The point is just to move your body!  Our best advice is to remember that it is about persistence and not perfection.  If you stumble, just make it part of the dance! 5.  What Should I Wear or Bring? The first thing you should know about the Barn is that we love to sweat!  You want to be sure your clothing is designed to keep you cool and let you breathe because you are going to be working hard!  Keep in mind that the class is very active so make sure your wardrobe provides you freedom to move.  Most of our class tends to wear athletic leggings and tanks or t-shirts. 

You will also want sturdy gym shoes that fit well and allow for movement.  Shoes are a very important part of the workout experience and can change how your body feels both before and after.  Be sure they are comfortable and in good condition.  It is also recommended that in rainy or snowy weather you bring your shoes to change into to help keep the floor dry.  A changing area is provided at the back of the room near the checkout.

It is also important to bring a water bottle.  Hydration is extremely important to overall health but is crucial when working out.  You will lose a lot of water and it is important that you restore those levels throughout class.  You can also purchase a sample of Rehydrate at the front counter that will help restore electrolytes and maintain hydration as well. Finally, bring a positive attitude and willingness to learn.  Firsts can be hard for everyone and no one knows that better than all the people you will see surrounding you at the Barn.  This community is built on friendship as much as fitness and we want everyone to have a good experience inside our walls.  We know you are unique and have your own fitness story.  That’s what makes you belong here.  No one wants you to succeed more than we do.  Come let us help you along your journey.  Your tribe is waiting!

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