get fit. have fun.

At Grind2Fit, we want you to forget you're even working out! Our fitness classes will have you feeling less like a overworked mom and more like Beyonce.


Ok...maybe not her, but close to it!

track your results

Grind2Fit offers a one-of-a-kind heart rate monitoring system that tracks your results in real-time. 

No more wondering how much effort you're putting into each workout - you can see it on the screen directly in front of you!

Cool, right?

find your tribe

This tribe is where friendships begin and judgements end. The moment you walk into the doors at Grind2Fit, you'll feel it. This tribe is judgement free, supportive, uplifting, and encouraging for anyone on their fitness journey.


We've all been the newbie and we get it. We know how it feels to get started. Don't let your fear of walking through the front door stop you from meeting some of the most amazing people who can't wait to encourage you! 


We are the circle of friends you've been waiting for. 

Grind2Fit Livestream is HERE!

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